Starting your project containers

Configure your environment

Ensure all terminals you intend to use can communicate with the Docker Host. Generally a simple docker ps will either list out running containers or give you an error like Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host?

If you get the error make sure you have run eval "$(devtools config)". See Installation for the proper way to configure your environments.

Start your containers

In the project directory, start the containers with: docker-compose up


The docker-compose command runs in the foreground as long as the Docker containers are running. (It is not hung if there is no output after "Attaching [container name]...)

Logs from the running containers will stream to the console and be prefixed by their compose names plus an integer (i.e. web_1, db_1, etc)

You can start another terminal tab if you need to run other commands (such as the build container operations, etc.)