Routine Image Maintenance

Restart devtools on a regular basis to minimize the risk of filesystem or other performance problems with your containers.

Docker Image Updates

Periodically update your Docker Images to ensure you have the correct configuration. This should be done in coordination with members of your project team so you are all working from the same version of image. Ideally all images in compose files are working off of tags to ensure consistency. Images shoudl be pulled frequently though especially for images that are tagged with a language version, like php70. Updates may go into those images and keep the same tag, so pulling regularly (and coordinating) will ensure you are getting state of the art.

If your project uses "loosely versioned" Docker images (such as specifying latest as an image version tag or no tag at all which will default to latest) your local update schedule should be coordinated with updates to other environments and team members.

Here is how to update your images

// Stop your containers in case they are running.
docker-compose stop

// Pull the latest changes for all images referenced in docker-compose.yml
docker-compose pull
// Pull the latest changes for all images referenced in build.yml.
docker-compose -f build.yml pull

// Remove your old containers to make sure you're using the latest images.
docker-compose rm

// Re-create your containers based on the freshly updated images.
docker-compose up -d

Updates for a Specified Image

docker pull phase2/devtools-build:php70

If either form of pull command fails, try re-running with the --no-cache option.