Grunt Drupal Tasks

This project brings the tooling energy of the Node.js and Grunt communities together with best practices in Drupal development to accelerate Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 development.


We are continuously working to improve this toolchain, adding functionality that we see as common to our continuous integration and everyday development practices.


Working on a project that’s integrated grunt-drupal-tasks? Run grunt help to view documentation tailored for your project.

To build your Drupal site, run grunt.

Environment Options

These environment variables will override other options.

  • GDT_DOMAIN: Specify the base URL for live system testing. Falls back to a setting in the project’s Gruntconfig.json, then hostname if not set.
  • GDT_INSTALL_PROFILE: Overrides the install profile specified in the project’s Gruntconfig.json to be used by the install task.
  • GDT_QUIET: If evaluated truthy, will suppress all desktop notifications.
  • GDT_SITE_ALIAS: Configure the default Drush site alias for the project.
  • GDT_SITEURLS: Overrides the URL(s) for the project’s site(s) specified in the Gruntconfig.json by which each can be accessed for end-to-end testing by tools such as Behat. Use instead of GDT_DOMAIN if the project has multiple subsites or URLs.